The Wigan Pier Restaurant Menu

Soup & Salad

White Clam Chowder (bowl)  $4.42
White Clam Chowder (cup)  $2.90
Seasonal Salad  $5.13
    Choice of: house, ranch or 1000 island dressing
Caesar Salad   $5.58
Creamy Coleslaw  $2.19


Chicken Fingers   $7.37
Chicken Wings   $6.65
    Chicken wing glaze with your choice of teriyaki, honey garlic or spicy Thai sauce
Breaded Jumbo Shrimp    $8.85
    Served with seafood cocktail sauce


Full Monte   $8.88
    Chips smothered with meat sauce, cheddar cheese and topped with sour cream
British Poutine   $6.70
    Chips smothered with cheese and gravy
Chips   $5.00
Gravy   $1.74
Baked Potato   $2.95
    Served with butter, sour cream and chives
Mushy Peas   $2.63
Dinner Rolls (each)   $0.45
Tartar sauce & lemon   $0.45


Chicken Fingers Basket   $10.05
    Lightly breaded chicken tenders, served with chips
Chicken Wings Basket   $15.76
    Chicken wings glazed with your choice of teriyaki, honey garlic or spicy Thai sauce, served with chips
Shrimp Basket   $19.25
    Lightly breaded jumbo shrimp served with seafood cocktail sauce and chips

Wigan Pier Pie Dinners
Topped with gravy and served with chips

Steak & Mushrooms Pie Dinner   $11.68
Steak & Kidney Pie Dinner   $11.68
Chicken & Mushroom Pie Dinner   $11.68
Chicken & Vegetable Pie Dinner   $11.68
Pie Only (topped with gravy)   $6.30

Fish & Chip Dinners
Lightly battered, served with chips, tartar sauce and lemon

Cod Dinner (large)  $15.26
Cod Dinner (small)  $9.53
Haddock Dinner (large)  $16.22
Haddock Dinner (small)  $10.50
Halibut Dinner (large)  $18.13
Halibut Dinner (small)  $12.40

Fish Only

Cod Piece    $11.21
Cod Piece - small    $5.72
Haddock Piece    $10.26
Halibut Piece    $13.12

Burgers & Chips

Plain, Cheese or Veggie Burger   $10.27
Fish Buttie (Cod)   $10.27
Fish Buttie (Halibut)   $13.38

Burgers (Only)

Plain, Cheese or Veggie Burger   $7.59
Fish Buttie (Cod)   $8.92
Fish Buttie (Halibut)   $10.45

Kids Menu

Kids Chicken Fingers & Chips   $7.13
Kids Fish Nuggets & Chips   $7.13


Apple Pie   $4.24
Apple Pie (al a Mode)   $4.75
   served with ice cream or whip cream
Ice Cream (Regular)   $3.53
   topped with chocolate syrup
Ice Cream (Small)   $2.37
   topped with chocolate syrup


Pop   $2.01
   Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Orange, Sprite
British Imported Pop   $3.45
   Ginger Beer, Dandelion & Burdock (when available)
Bottled Water   $2.01
Float   $5.76
   Ice cream and your choice of pop listed above
Clamato or V-8   $2.40
Lemonade or Ice Tea  $2.97
Milk (2%)   $2.67
Hot Chocolate   $2.67
Coffee or Tea   $2.23
Herbal Teas   $2.46
None-Alcoholic Beer   $4.25

Domestic Beer

Domestic (Bottles)   $4.95
   Kokanee, Canadian, Budweisser, Labatt Blue, Coors light, Alexander Keiths, Miller Genuine Draft

Ciders, Coolers, Assorted

Strongbow Cider (bottle)   $5.76
Ciders, Coolers, Creasers (bottle)   $5.76

Draft Beer on Tap

Okanagan Pale Ale (glass)   $3.25
Pint   $4.95
Pitcher   $15.50

Guinness (glass)   $4.25
Pint   $6.25
Kilkenny (glass)   $4.25
Pint   $6.25

Imported Beer

Bass Pale Ale   $6.25
Boddington’s Bitter   $6.25
Caffrey’s Irish Ale   $6.25
Newcastle Brown   $6.25
Smithwicks   $6.25
Tetley’s   $6.25
Corona Extra   $6.25
Stella Artois   $6.25
Harp   $6.25

White & Red Wine

Peller Estates Founder | Series BC (Bottle)  $25.00
   A light yet peasant oakiness and creamy texture

Wolf Blass Eaglehawk | Shiraz Australia (Bottle)   $29.00
   A fruit driven wine, medium blend

Friday Special Bottle of BC Wine   $19.95

House Wine

Sawmill Creek Chardonnay | white (glass) |   $5.50

Sawmill Creek Chardonnay | white (1/2 liter) |    $16.25

Sawmill Creek Marlot  | red (glass)   $5.50

Sawmill Creek Marlot | red (1/2 liter)   $16.25