The Fish and Chips

The French invented the ‘Chip’ and the British came up with the ‘Fish’. Together the first fish & chip shop opened in Mossely, Lancashire, England in 1863. Since then 8,500 shops across the UK have opened their doors.

The balance of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins prevalent in fish & chips proved to be an excellent source of nutrition for people in Britain in the 1930’s. Lord Woolton (minister of food) during the second world war declared that fish & chips was among the few foods not to be rationed.

The Wigan Pier Restaurant (Squamish) has been operating since 1994 and is recognized for it’s great tasting fish and chips. The fish is coated in a light crispy batter that seals in its natural flavor and cooked in 100% quality vegetable oil. Fresh potatoes are selected, peeled and cut on the premises to maximize quality and after being cooked and seasoned to order they leave it to you to “dowse” on the vinegar.