The Wigan Pier Restaurant

Wigan being Greg Venables hometown, decided to name he’s restaurant The Wigan Pier because of his recognition with Squamish and the strong affinity for a” WORKING CLASS MANS” town.

Greg Venables the founder, owner and operator of the Wigan Pier Restaurant comes from a small village near Wigan, England. Having great interest in foods and their heritage he finished culinary school in St Helens in 1985.With a good source of local culinary under his belt he decided to widen his knowledge of foods worldwide.

Experience in the European countries gained him the Gold medal in West Germany and later, decided to work for major hotel chains in Munich (Germany), London (England), Bermuda, Toronto (Canada), Boston (USA) and Sydney (Australia). In 1991, he opened the Marriott Eaton Center Hotel in Toronto as Executive Sous Chef. There, Greg was awarded manager of the quarter for outstanding contribution to quality in 1992.

By using total quality management (T.Q.M.) to build a sound business structure, the Wigan Pier Restaurant was recognized by The Province newspaper as one of the top Fish & Chip restaurants in B.C. and then later by B.C. best listing.

Consistency in product and using top quality foods in all of the Wigan Pier’s home made recipes, the restaurant has earned itself a strong name with in it’s industry throughout B.C. and Canada. Out of town visitors make special trips to find the Wigan Pier Restaurant that which doesn’t have the best location (tucked away behind the Sea to Sky Best Western Hotel). Never the less, and by having minimum foot traffic the restaurant still produces over 150 meals per day (That’s over three times it’s seating capacity).