Wigan Pier Pie Descriptions

With a touch of Lancashire (Lanky)

Wigan (a Lancashire town, N.W England), being the home of the 'pie eater' and the famous phrase "eatin' humble pie" (the Lancashire term used when the coal miner's asked for their jobs back, after walkin' off 'the job').

The Wigan pier restaurant in Squamish takes great pride in their pies. Using all fresh, handcut vegetables (except peys), no potato (Praytus) fillings. Quality, fresh meat and poultry and homemade stocks for the base of our sauces.

Excess fats are removed in the traditional manner when preparing all stocks and sauces to ensure 'nothing but the best' makes it to the pie.

Selected herbs and spices are used to flavor our sauces to complement the taste.