Wigan Pier Savory Pie Catalogue

London Steak and Mushroom Pie.

A very popular British pub pie. Beef steak cooked with two types of mushrooms, selected herbs and spices simmered within a rich, beef gravy until the meat becomes tender and flaky. The London cockney puts this on the top of their "Pie an'a Pint" list.

"Thy mort'fed do"

Billinge Steak and Kidney Pie

The best of all savory pies: an English dish which is famous all over the world. Dark, rich, Steak and kidney perfectly paired - an authentic taste of Britain and a favorite meal served to the village farmers of Billinge.

"By gum - when I were a lad we 'ad to mek'em oursell"

Lancashire Hotpot Pie

This legendary slow-cooked dish has countless variations. The Wigan pier uses a flaked, tender cut of beef and fresh vegetables. Traditionally cooked in a steep-sided stoneware dish (hence the name), it became synonymous with Coronation Street's beloved barmaid Betty Williams, having been on the menu at Rovers Return for nigh on 40 years.

"It's a poor bally, uz cawent warm a cowd meyt and prayto pie"

Somerset Chicken, Broccoli & Cheddar Pie

Beautiful English countryside on the South West, captures the taste of another British classic. The combination of tender chicken, garden fresh Broccoli cooked in a rich creamy Cheddar cheese sauce.

"Bit'a au reet"

Beef & Onion Pie

Ground Quality Beef slowly cooked within a rich, dark onion gravy until tender and the flavors infuse. This pie took favoritism from the Australians and South Africans.

"Bit'a etten eawtside"

Shepherd's pie

It was a piece of kitchen equipment that gave rise to this British modern version of meat-and-mash. In the 1870's the newfangled mincing machine made short work of processing off cuts of meat and a classic was born. Using Lamb, this Northern English dish has been one of 'Wigan pier's best'. Ground lamb shoulder browned in a hot skillet and then a rich sauce is made around the meat using fresh vegetables and selected herbs and spices to compliment the lamb.

"Neads tawk'in abeawt"

Cottage pie

Few seemingly simple and traditional dishes have so much controversy about their names. There are those who hold that it is shepherd's pie when made with lamb and cottage pie when made with beef. In the case of the 'Wigan Pier' we make our Cottage pie with beef in a similar way to Shepherd's. a touch of red wine, a change in stock, herds and spices makes this beef-and-mash rich and tasty.

"Fars a sundee roast"

T-bodger chicken & vegetable pie

This chicken pot pie classic and popular within our working-class-mans lunch in the early 1900's still shows favoritism. T-bodger, being an old tradesman whom using the tree branch to turn has lathe makes our restaurant pay tribute.

A creamy sauce embraces tender flaked chicken and vegetables not to mention garden herbs that just 'tops it off'.

"Nay praytas eer"

T- Clogger chicken & mushroom pie

If you like mushrooms, you'll luv this pie. Similar to the T-bodger to recognize our working-class-man. A T-clogger is the old trades name for a shoe maker.

By using two types of fresh mushrooms, selected herbs and spices a rich, creamy chicken sauce in made. Combined with tender, flaked, fresh chicken this pie brings 'comfort food' to a new level.

"Ungry arwt thee?"


West Indian curried chicken pie

As the British discovered Islands of the Caribbean and preserving their foods with the Indian spices. The islanders incorporated those spices with their own and the taste of the Caribbean curries was born.
A fruitier curry with the presents of turmeric, Fresh cauliflower and green peppers adds to the texture and flavor of this tasty chicken curry pie.

"fit fawer a Lanky lad"

Crewkerne chicken & brie pie

A small southern English town, famous for it's Brie cheese. The combination of this pie, Carrots, brie cheese and chicken in a creamy paprika sauce has been it one of Wigan pier's customers favorits.

"worth guw'in up yon brew"

Turkey & vegetable pie

Fresh whole turkey pieces, fresh vegetables, Wigan pier's homemade Turkey gravy. Need we say more? This tasty, very flavorable pie is great for the holiday seasons and certainly hits home for comfort.

"worth gew'in wom for"

  Some Lancashire quotes taken from Ernest Ford (Alberts teach yourself Lancashire Dialect)